Biography of Br. S.R.Manohar

Bro.S.R.Manohar was born in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, brought up in Gulbarga, Karnataka, India, by a Christian father and a very orthodox Gujarati brahmin mother. Brother Manohar was virtually torn between two religions in his childhood. Then, at the age of 17, on 5th September, 1978 he went through a profound spiritual experience that was to change his life totally. About a year later, he received, in his own words, "A very clear call from God" to take up full-time ministry. He put his trust in his Lord and his God, and there was no looking back. Beset with many a problem early in his ministry, he used to walk several kilometers to preach the Gospel in tiny, remote, little known villages.

Since then, he has spread the Good News in villages, towns and cities in almost every state of India and in other countries through churches and individually sponsored crusades, and has being winning souls for Jesus all along these wonderful years - souls of gun wielding terrorists to peace - loving mothers. Innumerable are the miracles Jesus Christ has brought about in these crusades.

In the ministry of Brother Manohar the demonstration of the gifts of the Holy Spirit is evident God is using him mightily, and in his own words "the anointing makes the difference". He maintains strict personal Bible reading and emphasizes travailing prayer and true worship.

Brother Manohar is married to Madhu; they are blessed with two children.He maintains a non-denominational and non-sectarian approach in all his work, and has an insight into the present-day work of the Holy Spirit in God's end-time plan, especially in the movement for revival for all nations.He has brought out a few books and desires to author some topical series, in the near future.He also pastors the Rays of Love Fellowship in Bangalore-INDIA.
Brother Manohar and his family

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